What is MODU Data Exchange?

MODU Data Exchange is a resale market for Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit historic data. It allows users to on sell historic rig specific information by connecting individuals with historic rig data with clients looking to acquire rig specific data. This includes all types of rig inspections, rig visit reports, handover notes, pictures and useful rig data.

Who owns/runs MODU?

MODU Data Exchange is an open source platform that combines historic rig information into a useable source.

Where is MODU based?

MODU Data Exchange is an online based company trading on Globally on MODU Data with headquarters based in Perth, Australia.

What is the purpose of MODU Data Exchange?

The purpose of MODU Data Exchange is to reduce the upfront expenditure required to select and contract a competitive rig. Once a rig is contracted it also aims on improving the accuracy and reducing expenditure for pre-activity planning. This can lead to significant saving for upstream oil and gas rig based activity’s.

MODU Data Exchange