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Getting Started

Why submit documents to MODU Data Exchange?

All documents submitted will be given an individual commission, upon purchase of MODU subscription by a client to the related rig content the document submitter will receive the predetermined commission.

Who can submit documents?

Anybody within the oil and gas industry with historic relevant data for an offshore drilling rig that may be helpful for another party within the oil and gas industry.

Get started submitting documents

  1. Create an account
    Your account will be approved before you can make a submission
  2. Browse the rigs and choose which one you want to submit documents to
  3. Click the Submit Documents button
  4. Fill in the details and upload your rig specific data (document or photos)

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How much commission can I earn?

The document or data commission value will vary depending on the relevance of the information. The more current and the more useful the data the more the value of the commission.

How is commission paid?

Commission is paid via Paypal once the data is purchased by a client or another party at the predetermined commission price.

Make sure you have a Paypal account, and that you include your Paypal email address in your account. If you do not have a valid Paypal email address you will not be able to receive commission.

Commission is paid in USD


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